Energie EyeRelax is programmed for ease of use, just follow 7 simple steps :

Step 1

Hang the Energie EyeRelax EyeChart on a brightly lit wall; please stand 2.5m away from the chart.

Step 2

Measure how many lines you are able to see on the EyeChart one eye at a time with AND without spectacles

Step 3

Record on the Energie EyeRelax monitoring chart

Step 4

5 minutes on the left eye, 5 minutes on the right Eye (focus on the image, avoid excessive blinking

Step 5

Rest for 5 minutes or go to sleep

Step 6

Monitor on the EyeChart every 10 days

Step 7

Record on the Monitoring Chart

(Energie EyeRelax EyeChart and Energie EyeRelax Monitoring Chart is included with every box of Energie EyeRelax)

Just 5 minutes an eye to effectively regain our eye’s healthy function.

Use two times a day to effectively regain the healthy function of the eyes. Thereafter reduce to two to three times a week to maintain the improved eyesight. The improvement is gradual and will stabalise after one to six months, varying from user to user.

Energie EyeRelax, when used diligently and coupled with good visual habits such as taking regular vision breaks is proven to be very effective in improving eyesight, both for myopia and presbyopia.


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